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Artists on Recording Techniques

Book Description

"Artists on Recording Techniques" examines the recording process through an unlikely pair of eyes: those of the artist. Who better to share insights into capturing the creative process than the artists themselves? Everything from vocals to guitar and drums are covered through exclusive full-length interviews from author Jeff Touzeau's "Music, Etc." column in Pro Sound News and bonus material never printed before. These one-of-a-kind interviews are published here, unabridged and in their entirety, for the first time ever! The discussions dip into an array of musical styles and genres, providing insight into the recording process from such well-known pop and rock artists as Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), Gerry Beckley (America), Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies), Joe Jackson, Tony Bennett, and John Fogerty. Artists on Recording Techniques provides musicians, audio technicians, engineers, studio owners, producers, equipment manufacturers, hardware and software designers, and music fans with a rarely seen window into the creative process of some of history's most legendary musicians.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
    1. It All Comes Back to Music
  3. Preface
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Introduction
  7. Nick Mason and Pink Floyd from the Inside Out
  8. America—and the Horse They Came in on
  9. Nada Surf: Beautiful Beats in Brooklyn
  10. A Night on the Town with Los Lobos
  11. Duran Duran: The Best of Both Worlds
  12. Grant-Lee Phillips’ Strange Magic in the Studio
  13. Recording Roger Waters’ Post-Pink Floyd Masterpiece
  14. The Bongos and Echoes of Drums Along the Hudson
  15. Jackie Greene: A Natural Bluesman from California
  16. Ben Kweller: Recording Something Good, Something Great
  17. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Grass Roots Rock ’n Roll in Brooklyn
  18. Sevendust’s Next Big Thing
  19. Travis: Scottish Craftsmen at Work in the Studio
  20. Guster Keeps It Together with Ganging Up on the Sun
  21. Elf Power: Back to the Studio
  22. Fields: Recording on the Emerald Isle
  23. Ivy: Converging Talent at New York’s Stratosphere Sound
  24. This Way, That Way, and Scofield’s Way
  25. Buzzcocks: A Different Kind of Session
  26. Barenaked Ladies: Fresh Baked and Bare
  27. Josh Rouse: Nashville Vibes from the South of Spain
  28. John Densmore: Breakin’ on through to New Rhythms
  29. Tony Bennett: Master of the Mood
  30. Crowded House: Coming Out on Top from Down Under
  31. The Unique Electronic Textures of Ulrich Schnauss
  32. John Fogerty: From Creedence and Beyond
  33. Raul Malo Takes on the Classics
  34. Band of Horses: Creating a Sense of Freedom in the Studio
  35. Jesse Harris: Capturing the Feel of a Performance
  36. Joe Jackson: Raining with Talent
  37. Kaki King: Dreaming of Perfection
  38. Spyro Gyra: Still Going Strong
  39. John Starling and Carolina Star: Risin’ Again
  40. Supergrass: Diamonds in the Rough