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As I See It…

Book Description

In this era of constant change and globalization, political and international issues influence the business environment worldwide and penetrate our lifestyle and expectations in ways beyond most imaginations. The increasing transparency of information provides easier access to current events, new concepts, and data. Yet we are bounded by the complexity of understanding the interdependence resulting from this fast-paced world with an almost overwhelming amount of new responsibilities. With a Foreword by H.E. Claudia Fritsche, Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, along with the humorous illustrations by award-winning cartoonist David Clark-this book is a fantastic choice for readers to comprehend the most crucial international business and trade issues facing us nowadays. Thought-provoking, witty, and enjoyable, this book offers fresh insights and perspectives, which can inspire real-life understanding and applications one shall not miss.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Abstract
  7. Contents
  8. Foreword
  9. Introduction
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. Section I Dealing With Current Crises
    1. Chapter 1 Securing America’s International Business Future (with P. Dickson)
    2. Chapter 2 The Cost of Terrorism Keeps on Rising
    3. Chapter 3 The U.S. Senate Report on Torture
    4. Chapter 4 Anti-Corruption War
    5. Chapter 5 The Volkswagen Crisis
    6. Chapter 6 Of Crimea and Punishment
    7. Chapter 7 Terrorism and International Business
    8. Chapter 8 Hungary’s Unacknowledged Leadership
  12. Section II International Innovations
    1. Chapter 9 International Marketing After Macro Disruption
    2. Chapter 10 In Need of Honorable Merchants
    3. Chapter 11 Shame Factor Can Curb Bad Behavior in Firms and Individuals
    4. Chapter 12 Thoughts on the World Economic Forum
    5. Chapter 13 Achieving “Glocal” Success
    6. Chapter 14 Innovation in Developing Economies
    7. Chapter 15 How Companies Can Befriend a Trend
    8. Chapter 16 Eagles Fly But Don’t Always Soar
  13. Section III International Marketing and Freedom
    1. Chapter 17 Why International Marketing strengthens Freedom
    2. Chapter 18 The Cost and Obstacles for Freedom
    3. Chapter 19 Parallel Parking and National Security
    4. Chapter 20 Too Much Information for Germans and Americans
    5. Chapter 21 Trust: A Tool to Defeat Corruption
    6. Chapter 22 Guilt or Competition: Wining the Cyber-Espionage War
    7. Chapter 23 The European Prayer of Saint Augustine
  14. Section IV Our Daily Lives with a Global Perspective
    1. Chapter 24 International Health Care of the Future: The Evolution of the Doctor
    2. Chapter 25 Super Bowl Versus Olympics: Discerning the Marketing Differences
    3. Chapter 26 Is It Just Me?
    4. Chapter 27 Royal Wedding
    5. Chapter 28 What We Should Be Teaching Kids That Is Not Found in Heavy Books
    6. Chapter 29 Assault at the Cathedral
    7. Chapter 30 Why the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Is More Important Than TPP
    8. Chapter 31 The World Trade Organization (WTO): Challenges and Solution
    9. Chapter 32 Does the WTO Contribute to World Trade?
    10. Chapter 33 A Moral Dilemma: Understand the Challenges of Sourcing from the International Market
  15. Index