Asian Mergers and Acquisitions: Riding the Wave

Book description

A fascinating look at the unique nature of mergers and acquisitions in Asia

The Asian market is heating up, and both local and international firms are looking to get in on the mergers and acquisitions (M&As) that are poised to play a pivotal role in the restructuring of all manner of industries. This restructuring will increase competitiveness, but to make the most of it you need to understand why M&As in Asia are unique. With Asian Mergers and Acquisitions: Riding the Wave in hand, you have everything you need to do just that.

Packed with invaluable information on how Asian M&As work, the book points to the fragmented nature of Asian countries, markets, and customers, the rise of Asian economies and firms, and the growth of cross-border business driven by the need for companies to gain access to markets, technologies, and brands as key elements for understanding the market.

  • Lays out guiding principles for Asian M&As, including identifying the drivers for creating value, mitigating cultural differences, getting the best expertise in pre- and post-merger efforts, and more

  • Contains everything investors need to know to understand coming changes in the Asian market

  • Details how Asian M&As differ from those in other countries

Providing clear insights into Asian mergers and acquisitions and their inner workings, including do's and don'ts for successful investment, this book is essential reading for anyone looking to cash in—or simply understand— the rapid growth of Asian industry.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Foreword
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Chapter 1: Asia Rewrites the M&A Rules
    1. Deal Activity is on the Rise in an Ascendant Asia
    2. Natural Progression in M&A, the Asian Way
    3. Tomorrow’s Winners are Moving Fast, Today
  9. Chapter 2: Asian Companies are Poised to Triumph in the Merger Endgame
    1. The Drive Toward Consolidation
    2. Asia’s Fragmented Markets Create Opportunity
    3. Asian Players Will Drive Local Optima
    4. Consolidation Looms for Asia’s Nascent Retail Sector
    5. The Tale of Two Soft Drink Markets: Why Local Optima Will Emerge
    6. Henan Brouhaha Heralds Beer Consolidation Drive
    7. Banking and Telecom Sectors Dominated by Asian Champions
    8. The Exceptions: Some Industries Likely to Be Dominated by Global Players While Others Resist Consolidation
    9. Acknowledgments
  10. Chapter 3: The Rise and Rise of Cross-Border M&A
    1. The Numbers Point East
    2. The Drivers Behind Asia’s Cross-Border M&A Boom
    3. The Risks Inherent in M&A are More Pronounced in Asia
    4. Acknowledgments
  11. Chapter 4: Transforming Government-Linked Companies through Mergers and Acquisitions
    1. The Role of the Public Sector in Key Asian Economies
    2. M&A: A Tool That Makes Both Companies and Economies More Competitive
    3. The Emerging Threat from the Private Sector
    4. Meeting the Challenges
    5. A Better Way to Achieve Transformation
    6. Acknowledgments
  12. Chapter 5: Getting it Right Before You Begin
    1. Step 1: A Framework Helps Forward Planning
    2. Step 2: Methodical Tracking and Screening Underpin Successful M&A
    3. Step 3: Choose Your Model: Classic M&A versus the Acquisition Factory
    4. Step 4: Surround Yourself with Experts
    5. Plan Early, Think Small: The Risk-Averse Route to Success
    6. Acknowledgments
  13. Chapter 6: Due Diligence
    1. Risk is on the Rise
    2. Follow the Leaders, Learn from the Failures
    3. Bridging the Due Diligence Gap
    4. Due Diligence: The Classic Approach
    5. Operations Due Diligence
    6. The 100-Day Plan: A Road Map to Success
    7. Jump-Starting the Clean Room
    8. Acknowledgments
  14. Chapter 7: A Guide to Successful Post-Merger Integration
    1. Merger Integration Overview: The Key Pillars of a Solid Post-Merger Plan
    2. Merger Management: The Keys to Success
    3. Synergy Value Capture: How to Get It Right
    4. Merger Enablement: The Glue That Holds It All Together
    5. Acknowledgments
  15. Chapter 8: Culture Matters
    1. It’s Not a Small World, After All
    2. National Culture and Communication: What the Interpreter Won’t Tell You
    3. Corporate Culture Matters: Making Mixed Marriages Work
    4. Expect the Unexpected: Local Business Culture and Norms Can Be Costly and Surprising
    5. How to Bridge the Culture Gap
    6. It’s Not as Hard as It Seems
    7. Acknowledgments
  16. Chapter 9: Conclusion
    1. Now is the Time to Go on the Offensive
    2. M&A the Asian Way
    3. The Key to Success: Planning Ahead
    4. Think Globally, Act Globally
  17. Appendix PMI Tools
  18. About the Authors
  19. Index

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  • Title: Asian Mergers and Acquisitions: Riding the Wave
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118247099