Ask an Expert: Answers every parent needs to know issues from toddler tantrums and meltdowns to peer pressure and teen self-esteem

Book description

Perfect for parents or caregivers who want to understand their little ones and why they act the way they do, Ask an Expert: Answers Every Parent Needs to Know gives parents access to professional psychological advice and covers everything from basic baby and child development to more complex problems such as Asperger's syndrome and eating disorders.

Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction
  3. Babies a New Life
    1. Welcome to the World What your baby knows and feels
    2. Bonding Your relationship from the start
    3. Feeding, Sleeping, and Crying How to raise a contented baby
    4. Will We Ever Get Better at this? New parents’ highs and lows
    5. Early Learning Giving my baby a good start
    6. He’s on the Move! Keep him safe; let him explore
  4. Toddlers a Little Person Emerges
    1. Toddler Challenges Behavior and discipline
    2. Is My Child Ready? Venturing into the wider world
    3. What Kind of Parent are You? Exploring parenting styles
    4. Why is He Obsessed with Blue? Fads and habits explained
    5. Why Play? Links between play and learning
    6. My Toddler Bites! Coping with an aggressive child
    7. How Do I Expand His Diet? Fussy eaters
    8. Is She OK? Your child’s development
    9. And then there were Two… A new baby
  5. School Starters Out into the World
    1. Starting School The next big step
    2. The Birds and the Bees When to address sex
    3. Learning Difficulties Helping them through
    4. My Child’s a Genius! The perils of pushy parenting
    5. She Won’t Eat Her Greens Food issues tackled
    6. The Odd One Out? Making friends
    7. Family Bonding Forging close connections
    8. Brothers and Sisters Sibling rivalry
    9. Run, Jump, and Play Keeping them moving
  6. Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand
    1. Why doesn’t She Like School? Phobia, loneliness, bullying
    2. Firm Friends Peer pressure and falling out
    3. Extra Effort Struggling with learning
    4. Staying Connected Spending time together
    5. How Can I Get Them to Help? Chores, housework, motivation
    6. Distressing Times Coping with death and depression
    7. Screen Time How much is too much?
  7. Preteens the Middle Years
    1. Making the Transition Starting middle school
    2. Tactics for Tests How can I help at exam time?
    3. She’s Starting Puberty! Changing bodies, first dates
    4. Lazybones or Workaholic? Your child’s personality
    5. What’s the Fallout? Divorce and blended families
    6. Their Time Online Safe internet use
    7. Wannabe? Clothes, makeup, older behavior
  8. Teens Becoming an Adult
    1. Giving and Getting Respect Challenging behavior
    2. Testing Times? The pressure of final exams
    3. Highs and Lows Moods and melodrama
    4. She Won’t Eat All about eating disorders
    5. When Should I Let Go? Your young adult, relationships
    6. Who Am I? Exploring values and identity
    7. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll When to worry
    8. Moving on to Responsibility The world of work
  9. Glossary
  10. Resources
    1. Mental health and child development
    2. Physical health
    3. Caregivers and caregiving
    4. General education resources
    5. Speech, language, and learning
    6. Reading, language, and literacy
    7. Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders
    8. Internet safety

Product information

  • Title: Ask an Expert: Answers every parent needs to know issues from toddler tantrums and meltdowns to peer pressure and teen self-esteem
  • Author(s): Claire Halsey, Joanna Grave, Matthew Johnson
  • Release date: July 2009
  • Publisher(s): Dorling Kindersley Limited
  • ISBN: 9780756651473