1.1. Problem

In Bologna (the city where I live in Italy) almost half the population consists of students, including many foreigners. With all these young people around here, it goes without saying that there are a lot of pubs and places to spend the evenings and weekends with friends. Concerts, parties, shows, and other special events are commonplace. However, with all this competition, every pub must find something that the others don't have, something that's somehow appealing to their potential customers. Marketing plays a significant role, and our pub owner wants to be stronger in that area. She has always used traditional, printed marketing ads for her pub TheBeerHouse (a fictitious name), but she wants to expand into new media possibilities, starting with having her own exciting web site. She thinks that this would be useful, because once customers become familiar with the site they can go there to read about new specials and events, and possibly receive a newsletter right in their e-mail inbox, as well as browse photos of past events, rate them, and share messages with other web site visitors, creating virtual relationships that they can later continue face-to-face right in the pub! The general idea is appealing, especially considering that the target audience is well accustomed to using computers and browsing the web to find out information about news and events. A pub is typically a fun place full of life, and it's perhaps more appropriate for this type of project, rather ...

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