2.3. Solution

At this point you should have a clear idea of what you have to build and how to do it, so let's start developing the solution! Earlier in this chapter I explained how you can create a mock-up of your site using a graphics application such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, and this mock-up could be saved in a PSD file. Once you have been given the go ahead to start coding, you need to break out the individual images from the PSD file into .gif and .jpg files that can be referenced directly in a web page. Regardless of the method you used to create your images, you can now take those images and use them to create the web site. The first step is to create a new web site project, and then create a master page, home page, and default theme. Later you can develop a second theme for the site, and implement the mechanism to switch themes at runtime.

First, create a new web site project in Visual Studio .NET 2005 (File New Web Site ASP.NET Web Site). Here's another new feature in Visual Studio 2005: You can create a project by specifying a folder on the file system (instead of specify a web location) if you select File System in the Location drop-down list, as shown in Figure ...

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