Chapter 11. Photo Gallery

With the proliferation of digital cameras these days, photo galleries have become a very popular component of websites over the past few years. Since the nature of the Beer House is a social setting, sharing photos of events at the Beer House is a natural use of the website.


Photo galleries are a great way to let visitors see the atmosphere in the pub. Showing happy patrons having a good time in the Beer House is a great way to show what happened at previous events in the bar and maybe the food and beverages and the variety of entertainment offered by the Beer House.

A modern photo gallery should be easy to administer and allow users to organize the photos in albums. When photos are uploaded to the site, the creation of thumbnails and "display" versions should be done automatically. Visitors should be able to see a list of albums, with a featured or sample photo from each. An album should show all the photos as thumbnails and allow visitors to see a display version of the image and possibly the original image.


Here's the list of features needed in the Photo Gallery module:

  • Display a list of albums.

  • Display the photos in an album.

  • Display each photo using an AJAX invoked dialog/lightbox.

  • Allow site administrators to create albums.

  • Allow site administrators to upload photos to an album.

  • Automatically create thumbnail and a display version of each photo as it is uploaded.

  • Set the name of each photo to a URL-friendly name by replacing non-URL characters ...

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