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ASP.NET 4 24-Hour Trainer

Video Description

Welcome to the video portion of ASP.NET 4 24-Hour Trainer

This unique book-and-video package introduces ASP.NET 4 to programmers

Microsoft ASP.NET allows you to build dynamically generated Web pages from database content. Written by a well-known authority on ASP.NET, this book-and-video package is an ideal place to start learning about the capabilities of ASP.NET 4. Each lesson covers both the ASP.NET Web Forms Framework and the ASP.NET MVC 2 Framework and is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the topic before progressing to a step-by-step tutorial. An instructional video for each of the 48 tutorials is provided on the video that accompanies the book.

ASP.NET 4 24-Hour Trainer is an exceptional book-and-video package ideal for everyone from beginners to more advanced developers.

Table of Contents

  1. Lesson 1: Anatomy of an HTML Page 00:10:27
  2. Lesson 2: Using Common HTML Tags 00:08:27
  3. Lesson 3: Adding Style to an HTML Page 00:08:10
  4. Lesson 4: State Management in ASP.NET 00:09:47
  5. Lesson 5: Configuring your Web Application 00:07:15
  6. Lesson 6: Web Site Projects vs. Web Application Projects 00:04:33
  7. Lesson 7a: Your First ASP.NET Web Forms Web Application 00:02:57
  8. Lesson 7b: Your First ASP.NET MVC Web Application 00:02:40
  9. Lesson 8a: The Page Lifecycle in Web Forms 00:06:36
  10. Lesson 8b: The Request Lifecycle in MVC 00:05:29
  11. Lesson 9a: Server Controls in Web Forms 00:06:16
  12. Lesson 9b: HTML Helpers in MVC 00:09:08
  13. Lesson 10a: ViewState in Web Forms 00:06:43
  14. Lesson 10b: Custom HTML Helpers in MVC 00:05:22
  15. Lesson 11a: Master Pages in Web Forms 00:06:03
  16. Lesson 11b: Master Pages in MVC 00:04:58
  17. Lesson 12a: Skins and Themes in Web Forms 00:05:13
  18. Lesson 12b: Design Templates in MVC 00:02:35
  19. Lesson 13a: User Controls in Web Forms 00:05:47
  20. Lesson 13b: Partial Views in MVC 00:02:39
  21. Lesson 14a: Event Model in Web Forms 00:06:42
  22. Lesson 14b: Controllers in MVC 00:05:24
  23. Lesson 15a: URL Routing in Web Forms 00:04:20
  24. Lesson 15b: URL Routing in MVC 00:03:11
  25. Lesson 16a: Validation Controls in Web Forms 00:07:13
  26. Lesson 16b: Validation Helpers in MVC 00:07:30
  27. Lesson 17a: Custom Validators in Web Forms 00:05:45
  28. Lesson 17b: Data Annotation Validators in MVC 00:05:58
  29. Lesson 18: Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework 00:05:27
  30. Lesson 19a: Displaying Data in Web Forms 00:08:36
  31. Lesson 19b: Displaying Data in MVC 00:07:18
  32. Lesson 20a: Using GridView in Web Forms 00:07:03
  33. Lesson 20b: Managing Data in MVC 00:08:40
  34. Lesson 21a: Using Dynamic Data in Web Forms 00:07:13
  35. Lesson 21b: Display Templates in MVC 00:06:09
  36. Lesson 22a: Dynamic Data Templates in Web Forms 00:07:58
  37. Lesson 22b: Editor Templates in MVC 00:05:51
  38. Lesson 23: JavaScript 00:09:16
  39. Lesson 24a: Using the AJAX Extensions in Web Forms 00:10:25
  40. Lesson 24b: Using the AJAX Helpers in MVC 00:08:19
  41. Lesson 25a: Using jQuery for AJAX in Web Forms 00:06:37
  42. Lesson 25b: Using jQuery for AJAX in MVC 00:07:10
  43. Lesson 26: Authentication 00:05:05
  44. Lesson 27a: Create a Login Page in Web Forms 00:05:09
  45. Lesson 27b: Create a Login Page in MVC 00:03:19
  46. Lesson 28a: Authorization in Web Forms 00:03:19
  47. Lesson 28b: Authorization in MVC 00:03:33