A look at the Form Model

We've talked a lot about the Form Model in Chapter 6Forms and Data Validation, yet we've never seen it up close. It would greatly help to have it on screen while developing the form templates, especially if it can be updated in real time as we play with the form inputs and controls.

Here's a convenient HTML snippet containing the template syntax required to let it happen:

<!-- Form debug info panel --><div class="card bg-light mb-3">  <div class="card-header">Form Debug Info</div>  <div class="card-body">    <div class="card-text">      <div><strong>Form value:</strong></div>      <div class="help-block">          {{ form.value | json }}      </div>      <div class="mt-2"><strong>Form status:</strong></div>      <div class="help-block"> {{ form.status ...

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