This designer supports the template editing features that allow you to enter template information into a control at design-time. These features include a slew of methods for creating a template-editing frame, updating the control properties and design-time HTML accordingly, and providing context menu verbs. System.Web.UI.Design.WebControls.BaseDataListDesigner inherits from this class.

Public MustInherit Class TemplatedControlDesigner : Inherits ControlDesigner
' Public Constructors
   Public Sub New() 
' Public Instance Properties
   Public ReadOnly Property ActiveTemplateEditingFrame As ITemplateEditingFrame  
   Public ReadOnly Property CanEnterTemplateMode As Boolean  
   Public ReadOnly Property InTemplateMode As Boolean  
' Protected Instance Properties
   Overridable Protected Property HidePropertiesInTemplateMode As Boolean  
' Public Instance Methods
   Public Sub EnterTemplateMode(
        ByVal newTemplateEditingFrame As ITemplateEditingFrame) 
   Public Sub ExitTemplateMode(
        ByVal fSwitchingTemplates As Boolean, 
        ByVal fNested As Boolean, ByVal fSave As Boolean) 
   Overrides Public Function GetPersistInnerHtml() As String  
   Overridable Public Function GetTemplateContainerDataItemProperty(
        ByVal templateName As String) As String  
   Overridable Public Function GetTemplateContainerDataSource(
        ByVal templateName As String) As IEnumerable  
   MustInherit Public Function GetTemplateContent( ByVal editingFrame As ITemplateEditingFrame, ByVal templateName As String, ByRef allowEditing As ...

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