16.2. Design

Since this chapter discusses several topics, I will break it into subtopics so that it will be easier to follow. You can read the whole design topic, or you can just read the subtopic you are interested in and then jump to the related solution section.

16.2.1. User Interface

Creating a consistent style, look, and feel for your application is crucial and requires a lot of effort. There is no substitute for a professional designer, but using a standard UI library can help both developer and designer communicate efficiently. There are several UI libraries that are freely available, and most are Open Source. My personal favorite, which also happens to work well for us here since we are using jQuery, is the jQuery UI — http://jqueryui.com.

16.2.2. Refactor and Optimize

One of the many benefits of Test Driven Development (TDD) is that it allows you to make changes with the comfort of knowing that the tests will catch any mistakes. This makes refactoring many times easier. You refactor, run your tests, and make sure that all tests pass. If they don't, then the refactoring broke something.

With that in mind, we will go ahead and refactor and optimize our application. It's important to note that this section doesn't only apply to your server code. There is a lot of optimization to perform on the client side as well that will make pages download and run faster.

16.2.3. Scaling

This is a good problem to have. It means that your application is a hit and there are more users ...

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