Chapter 20. Spoofing

"Spoof" as a noun is defined in Microsoft Encarta 2002 as:

  1. hoax: a good-humored hoax

  2. amusing satire: a light amusing satire

The verb tense is defined like this:

  1. deceive: to fool or deceive somebody

  2. satirize: to satirize somebody or something good-naturedly

The term was originally coined by the English comedian Arthur Roberts in the late nineteenth century as the name for a game he created involving hoaxing. However, in the context of network security, spoofing does not involve good humor and good nature, and the definition that is closest to actual use in the context of network security would be to deceive. Spoofing attacks are frequently quite malevolent.

One of the earlier references to security spoofing can be found in an article ...

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