acidification, 119
acrylic fibres, 16
activated sewage sludge test, 155
adult incontinence products, 175–6
aerobic biodegradation, 154
Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), 98
air emissions, 49–50
allocation, 141
American Fibre Manufacturers Association (AFMA), 170
anaerobic biodegradation, 154
apparel manufacture, 21–2
attributional life cycle assessment (ALCA), 115
Australian cotton, 165


best available techniques (BAT), 41
Bio Intelligence Service, 168
biodegradation, 154–7
Bluefiinder, 50
Blueguide, 50
Bluesign, 49–50
Bluetool, 50
Boustead Model, 123
British Thermal Units (BTU), 84
business-as-usual scenario See attributional life cycle assessment (ALCA)


calculation methods
PCF of textile products and textile processing and greenhouse ...

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