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ASTD's Ultimate Train the Trainer: A Complete Guide to Training Success

Book Description

Here at last is the ultimate authority on training new trainers from the consummate training professional, Elaine Biech, and ASTD. Configured in a usable format, ASTD's Ultimate Train the Trainer is a "must have" for every training manager's bookshelf. Included for the training manager is a complete train-the-trainer program that can be delivered tomorrow, as well as topic-based sessions to improve subject specific skills such as writing learning objectives, dealing with difficult participants, training styles and ADDIE. This complete manual guides training managers in conducting train-the trainer programs and supports new trainers, too, by providing insight and development into the practice of training. Bonus material includes learning activities, handouts, PowerPoint slides, plus a chapter that gives you more hints and direction to support successful training practitioners. A supplemental CD-Rom comes with the manual, giving you all the content in one place.

Note: CD-ROM is not available for this title.