Learning Objective?/What

Activity 3-11: Help! I’ve Been
action list, 32–37

Are Your Personal Learning

Asked to Conduct a

eight weeks before session, 33

Objectives?, 68–70

Webinar!/Focus on You—

four weeks before session, 34

Activity 2-7: Focus on You—

Wrap-Up of Module 3, 113

one day before, 35–36

Wrap-Up of Module, 2, 71

Activity 4-1: Introduction to

one minute before, 37

Activity 3-1: Introduction to

Module 4—Implement

one to two hours before, 36–37

Module 3—Design and

and Facilitate/How Do You

one week before, 35

Develop, 90

Address Different Learning

seven weeks before session, 33

Activity 3-2: Introducing

Styles in the ...

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