Chapter 6

The Word Knowledge Subtest


check Looking at typical question types

check Guessing for the best score

check Testing your word knowledge

A decent vocabulary is essential in the military if you want to get ahead. The military operates on paperwork, and whether you’re trying to get more supplies (submit necessary logistical requisitions) or get the assignment you want (application for personnel career-enhancement programs), you need to develop a good vocabulary.

Word Knowledge is what the military calls the vocabulary subtest on the ASVAB. Because a strong vocabulary is essential to success in the military, the Department of Defense has made this vocabulary test a part of the all-important AFQT score — the score that determines whether you’re qualified to join the military service of your choice (see Chapter 2). The military considers clear communication so important that this skill is taught and graded at all levels of leadership training and is often required for promotion.

remember Word knowledge isn’t part of the AFQT score just because the military likes to use big words. It’s included ...

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