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ATD Talent Management Handbook

Book Description

What you need to know to manage a workforce. The complex and ever-changing nature of today’s—and tomorrow’s—workforce demands that all involved in talent management rethink how to attract, engage, and grow future talent. This forward-looking handbook captures talent management’s evolution from a series of transactions to a fluid process that includes talent development. With 20-plus chapters written by more than 30 contributors, the ATD Talent Management Handbook challenges you to think about the talent model of the future through the lens of different workforce models. It offers progressive thoughts on the current state of talent management and on how the function needs to adapt. Leaders, practitioners, and consultants alike will find useful insights and answers to relevant talent management challenges. Edited by learning and development authority Terry Bickham, this handbook covers the entire talent management cycle, from talent acquisition and engagement to leadership development and succession planning. ATD’s first handbook on talent management, this book includes a foreword by ATD President and CEO Tony Bingham, highlighting the foundational components of talent development and its role within talent management.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. Section I: Attracting Talent
    1. 1 Easy-to-Use Approaches to Attract Top Talent John Sullivan
    2. 2 Seven Maxims to Guide Talent Attraction Jenny Dearborn
    3. 3 Creating a Magnetic Workplace That Attracts Talent Roberta Matuson
  8. Section II: Engaging Talent
    1. 4 Preparing Talent Through Onboarding Alex D. Tremble Jr. and Cheryl A. Abram
    2. 5 Essentials of World-Class Onboarding Sarah Hagerman, Lilith Christiansen, and Mark Stein
    3. 6 Designing Inboarding (Onboarding for Internal Transfers) Sarah Hagerman, Lilith Christiansen, and Mark Stein
    4. 7 How to Build a Culture of Engagement Rebecca Ray, David Dye, Patrick Hyland, Joseph Kaplan, and Adam Pressman
    5. 8 Transforming Reward Into a Strategic Contributor to Talent Management Jon Ingham
    6. 9 Organizational Culture as a Foundation for Retention Julie Clow
  9. Section III: Optimizing Talent
    1. 10 Adopting a More Dynamic Approach to Performance Management William A. Schiemann and Craig Dinsell
    2. 11 Engaging Leaders in Performance Management Matt Peters
    3. 12 StandOut: Next-Generation Performance Management Marcus Buckingham
    4. 13 Talent Analytics and Reporting Matthew G. Valencius
    5. 14 Making Talent Analytics and Reporting a Decision Science John W. Boudreau and Edward E. Lawler IIIm
    6. 15 The Age of Big Data and Talent Analytics Kevin Oakes and Cliff Stevenson
  10. Section IV: Growing Talent
    1. 16 Adapting to Changing Workforce Policy Issues Jeanette K. Winters
    2. 17 Talent Building in Motion: More, Better, Sooner Anne Davis Gotte and Kevin D. Wilde
    3. 18 Strategic Performance Learning: How to Rethink Thinking Mike Vaughan and Joel Janov
    4. 19 Building a Leadership Development Strategy Larry Clark
    5. 20 Talent Managers as Change Agents Holly Burkett
    6. 21 Action Learning: Simultaneous Development and Succession Planning Noel M. Tichy and Christopher DeRose
  11. Afterword: The Future of Talent Management Annmarie Neal and Daniel Sonsino
  12. About the Editor
  13. Index