Chapter 42. More Power to the People (on Facebook)

Colin Daymude knew that if he was going to help save his local library from going under he was going to need to create quite a big pile of attention. The Board of Commissioners and the Library board had made their case and were adamant they weren't going to back down from their plans of shutting down this specific library branch. That was until Colin took matters into his own hands using Facebook and the power of the community to change things.

Colin created a Facebook page to help create awareness for the campaign. The town that Colin lived in was only populated by 4,000 people, but within a few weeks he was able to get 6,000 people behind him on Facebook, all actively promoting the save the library campaign, and helping organize it. "I'm someone who has never gotten involved in anything like this," said Daymude. "But when local politicians were obviously covering up for years of fiscal mistakes and it affected my community, I had to. I do have significant experience working with some of the world's top direct marketing experts and I used that knowledge and put it to good use. Facebook was the perfect vehicle to help me get it done."

Over a 3-month span, the community held rallies, sent e-mails and letters, made phone calls, and attracted some outstanding media coverage from local TV affiliates. In the end, Colin and his troupe of evangelists won the fight. Because of the massive outreach, pressure, and awareness put on the local ...

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