Chapter 51. Mmm, Mmm, Good!

One of the best ways to get attention in an outrageous fashion is to hit the consumer right between the eyes with something they are most passionate about. Human beings all share basic needs like food, clothing, and water. Food, or hunger specifically, is something that pretty much everyone on the planet can agree on. We all need food to survive, and hunger evades no one. In the United States, we revel in the excess of food. In fact, our culture is built on excess across the board, with food right at the top of the list of things we like to have a lot of. Just look at the scores of fast food restaurants that pervade almost every street corner in our nation. There's no question: We like food and we like it cheap, fast, and a lot of it.

Restaurants make their living by bringing paying customers through the doors by any means necessary. Of course, without customers, restaurants might as well pack up their lobster bisque and go home. One of the ways restaurants generate business is by focusing on delivering specific types of food to entice the customer. We've all said something such as, "I feel like eating Mexican food tonight" at some point. Now the decision we have to make is, "Okay, where should I go?" That's when we scan our brain map for a place to go and get it.

However, what if there are five Mexican restaurants within driving distance of your location? How do you choose which one to visit? Your smart phone has determined that Mexican restaurant A has ...

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