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Attracting IT Graduates to Your Business

Book Description

Capture the best and brightest IT talent for your company

  • Learn how to attract top IT graduates to work for you

  • Get to grips with recruitment strategies from the big names in the IT industry

  • Full of hints and tips ready to be implemented in your recruitment process

In Detail

Capture the best and brightest IT talent for your company.

In the competitive IT hiring market, the best candidates are often snapped up by big companies before they even graduate, so what can you do to attract them to work for you? The new generation of IT graduates have their own values and each industry has specific recruitment techniques, and the savvy hiring manager needs to know about both in order to attract the very best graduates.

In this practical guide, An Coppens gives hiring managers unique insights into the new generation of IT graduates and what helps them make their career decisions. Featuring examples of recruitment strategies that have worked for some of the great names in the IT industry such as Google and Microsoft, An translates their strategies into practical tips so you can implement them in your organisation’s recruitment process.

About the Author

An Coppens is the Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation Ltd, where the vision is to make business and learning more fun and engaging. She is an award winning business coach, learning & development professional, author and speaker. She has worked around Europe with large multinational organisations as well as with entrepreneurs on topics ranging from engagement, leadership to work life balance. She became a TV-expert on business coaching and work life balance for Irish television. With Gamification Nation, An offers consulting services and online learning programs to assist organisations with creating lasting experiences customers remember, by applying game psychology and game design techniques to non-game situations. She was recently ranked in the top 100 gamification consultants and innovators of 2013 with her Twitter alter ego @GamificationNat.

Table of Contents

  1. Attracting IT Graduates to Your Business
    1. Attracting IT Graduates to Your Business
    2. Credits
    3. About the Author
    4. Preface
      1. Google
      2. Facebook
      3. Common traits of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For
      4. What this book covers
      5. Who this book is for
      6. Conventions
      7. Reader feedback
      8. Piracy
    5. 1. What Do IT Graduates Want?
        1. Who are the Millennials?
          1. Millennials at work
          1. What turns Millennials off?
        2. Summary
    6. 2. Be Clear on What Your Organization Has to Offer
        1. Your unique selling points
          1. Defining your unique selling points
          2. Online surveys
            1. Self-defining your unique selling points
          3. Testing your unique selling points
        2. What else can you offer?
          1. Company culture
          2. Salary
          3. Benefits
          4. Location
          5. Opportunity and development
        3. Creating a role description
        4. Summary
    7. 3. Creativity Rules in Gaining Graduate Interest
        1. Developing an attractive online presence
          1. Career pages on your website
          2. Your presence on social media
            1. LinkedIn
            2. Facebook
            3. Google+
            4. YouTube
            5. Twitter
        2. Setting up and running a valuable apprenticeship, internship, or trainee program
          1. Getting the most out of apprenticeships
          2. Getting the most out of internships
          3. Getting the most out of trainees
        3. Organizing a graduate competition or hack-fest
          1. Choosing your problem
            1. Understand your solution and the skills needed to resolve the problem
            2. Communicate your competition
            3. Competition logistics
            4. Competition judges and prize
            5. Games
        4. Sponsoring student projects
        5. Meeting students in their environment
        6. Summary
    8. 4. Getting to "You're Hired"
        1. Time is of the essence
        2. Narrowing down your selection
          1. Creating a shortlist
          2. Telephone screening
        3. The first date
          1. Competency-based interviews
        4. The skills test
        5. Getting to "You're hired!"
          1. Conducting a reference check
          2. Making an offer
          3. Negotiating the salary and package
        6. The candidate accepted, now what?
          1. Welcome the new hire
        7. Summary