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Audio Engineering 101, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Pratical, concise, and approachable, Audio Engineering 101, Second Edition covers everything aspiring audio engineers need to know to make it in the recording industry, from the characteristics of sound to microphones, analog versus digital recording, EQ/compression, mixing, mastering, and career skills. Filled with hand-on, step-by-step technique breakdowns and all-new interviews with active professionals, this updated edition includes instruction in using digital consoles, iPads for mixing, audio apps, plug-ins, home studios, and audio for podcasts. An extensive companion website features fifteen new video tutorials, audio clips, equipment lists, quizzes, and student exercises.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Audio Engineering 101
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. About the Author
  9. Preface
  10. 1 What Is Sound? Seven Important Characteristics
    1. What is Sound?
    2. Seven Characteristics of Sound
    3. Other Periodic Waveform Types
    4. Noise
    5. Analog and Digital Audio
    6. Note
  11. 2 How to Listen. Remember When Your Parents Told You to Listen? Well, You Should Have Listened!
    1. How the Ear Works
    2. Ear Training Tools and Techniques
  12. 3 EQ Points of Interest. Frequencies Made Easy
    1. Equalization (EQ) and Frequency
    2. General EQ Areas
    3. EQ POints of Interest
    4. Adjectives: Speaking about Audio using Plain English
  13. 4 Mixing Consoles. So Many Knobs, So Little Time
    1. The Mixing Console
    2. Other Console Functions
    3. Introduction to Mixing
  14. 5 Signal Flow. The Keys to Directing Audio Traffic
    1. Signal Flow
    2. Applying Signal Flow
  15. 6 Microphone Guide and Their Uses. Hey, Is This Thing On?
    1. Microphone Basics
    2. Microphone Placement
    3. Microphone Guide and Uses
  16. 7 Signal Processors. Toys You Could Play With for Days!
    1. What are Signal Processors?
    2. Controlling Dynamic Range
    3. Creating Sound FX
    4. 500 Series
    5. Plug-ins versus the Real Deal
  17. 8 Studio Session Procedures. How a Recording Session Happens and in What Order
    1. Seven Stages of Recording
    2. Four Questions to Ask Before You Record a Band
  18. 9 Basic Acoustics. How to Make Your Recording Space Sound Better
    1. Basic Acoustic Terms
    2. Dealing with Acoustics
    3. Diy Projects
  19. 10 The History of Audio. It Helps to Know Where You Came From
    1. Audio History
    2. The Pros and Cons of Analog
    3. The Pros and Cons of Digital
    4. Computers and Audio
  20. 11 People Skills. Recording Isn’t All Technical!
    1. No Knobs or Faders Required
    2. Word of Mouth
    3. Vibe
    4. What About my Opinion?
    5. The Insecure Artist
    6. Patience
    7. Communication Skills
    8. Song Structure
    9. Body Language
    10. Scheduling, Time Management, and Organizational Skills
    11. How to Meet People to Record
  21. 12 Now That I Am Dangerous, Should I Get an Internship?
    1. The Value of a Good Internship
    2. Q & A
    3. Internships Dos & Don’ts
    4. Get It?
    5. Audio Schools, Colleges, Universities
  22. 13 Jobs. What Can I Do With These Skills?
    1. Live Sound Engineer
    2. Recording Studio Engineer
    3. Assistant Engineer
    4. Mastering Engineer
    5. Post-Production
    6. Audio for Games
    7. Radio Production Engineer
    8. Producer
    9. Producer: Hip-Hop/Edm
    10. Live DJ
    11. Music and Equipment Sales
    12. Equipment Maintenance and Repair
    13. Diy Electronics
    14. The Home Studio
    15. Take a Business or Accounting Class
    16. Tips for Success
    17. Show me the Money
  23. 14 FAQs. Hear It From the Pros
    1. Gear
    2. Skills
    3. Industry Insights
    4. It Takes Time but it’s Worth It!
  24. Appendix A: Balanced versus Unbalanced; More on Decibels
  25. Appendix B: Audio Connectors
  26. Glossary
  27. Credits
  28. Index