Chapter 23

The Design of DC Servos

DC Offset Trimming

DC Offset Control by Servo-loop

Advantages of DC Servos

Basic Servo Configurations

Noise, Component Values, and the Roll-off

Non-inverting Integrators

The 2C Integrator

The 1C Integrator

Choice of Integrator

Choice of Opamps

Servo Authority

Design of LF Roll-off Point

Servo Overload

Servo Testing

Performance Issues

Multipole Servos

In the section of this book dealing with input stages I have gone to some lengths to demonstrate that a plain unassisted amplifier — if designed with care — can provide DC offset voltages at the output which are low enough for most practical purposes, without needing either an offset-nulling preset or a DC servo system. For example, the Trimodal amplifier ...

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