Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Analysis of an Audiovisual Resource

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Functionally different corpora

1.3. Descriptive models

1.4. On the activity of analysis of audiovisual corpora

1.5. On the activity of indexation

1.6. Some reflections on the subject of the theoretical reference framework

Chapter 2. The Audiovisual Semiotic Workshop (ASW) Studio – A Brief Presentation

2.1. A working environment for analyzing corpora of audiovisual texts

2.2. Brief presentation of the ASW Description Workshop

2.3 Four approaches to analyzing an audiovisual text

2.4. Models of description and interactive working forms

Chapter 3. A Concrete Example of a Model for Describing Audiovisual Content

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Selecting the appropriate model from the library of descriptive models of description of audiovisual content

3.3. The sequences in a model of content description

3.4. Field of description and sequential organization of an analytical form

3.5. The level of schemas of definition and procedures of description

Chapter 4. Model of Description and Task of Analysis

4.1. Introduction

4.2. The structural organization of a model of audiovisual content description

4.3. The canonic syntagmatic order of a form of description

4.4. Types of analysis, analytical tasks, procedures of description and activities of description

4.5. Particular tasks in analyzing the content of an audiovisual corpus

4.6. Concluding remarks ...

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