14The Legal Basis for a Data Economy Based on Trust

In the face of the many scandals we are experiencing as a result of personal data leaks, a recent example of which is Facebook, the question of confidentiality and the scope of this secrecy is becoming an urgent matter. Although privacy has a significantly different conception within the Member States of the European Union, a common basis exists beyond our borders, and all democracies tend to recognize a cyber-consumer’s right to privacy. This new kind of consumer, caught up in intensive Internet use, leaves digital traces wherever they go, most often unconsciously. We have moved from a more or less controlled information society to a mass information society, without control, the targets of which go beyond the simple Internet user. This makes it a major challenge for societies and democracy.

The recent case of Cambridge Analytica (see Box 14.1) has clearly demonstrated the intensive use of gold in this century: our data. Eighty-seven million users cheated, stolen from, looted, deceived, etc. Will a television mea culpa and a European road show be enough to calm the abused cyber-consumer?

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