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Aurelia Web Development - Part 1

Video Description

Create modern web applications using standards with Aurelia

About This Video

  • You will understand how Aurelia is organized and use its modern framework to design professional quality web apps.

  • We will create an SPA from the ground up using Aurelia.

  • Through this course, you will come to understand modern web standards that will prepare you for the future.

  • In Detail

    Aurelia is a modern, forward-thinking, conventions-based JavaScript framework that leverages web standards. Aurelia itself is developed using ES2016 and comprises smaller, focused modules.

    This video course starts by ensuring you have a basic understanding of Aurelia, walking you through a todo list application and setting up the development environment. We'll take you through a modern web application and move on to talk about tools, modules, web standards, and testing.

    Moving on, we take you on a whirlwind tour of Aurelia’s features in order to create a todo application project. After that, you’ll get an understanding of how to persist todos, routing, using pub/sub for communications. At the end, we throw light on dependency injection, declarative registration, explicit registration, and resolvers.

    This course will provide you with step-by-step practical knowledge of how to develop an application using Aurelia web development.