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Authentic Leadership

Book Description

You are a successful leader, you have a lot of responsibility, and for years you have loved your work, but something seems to be missing. Some of the fulfilment you used to feel in your job, even in your life, seems to have ebbed away. Something is blocking you and you can’t get a grip on the reason. You’re looking for growth but you seem to be stuck in a holding pattern.

Bas Blekkingh’s Authentic leadership will come as a relief to such leaders. Based on the field-tested seven layer model, where each layer brings you closer to your purpose, you will discover answers to some of the essential questions of work and life:

what do you want to achieve in life? what are your values? what do you stand for? what is your mission and how do you make it happen in real life?

The exercises in Authentic leadership will help you to be a leader who inspires those around you while becoming happier and more fulfilled yourself.

Authentic leadership is a sometimes challenging book that will inspire you to create an environment where achievement and fulfilment positively reinforce each other, whether you are a manager, coach, consultant, professional or teacher. An audio version of the exercises is available from www.authentiekleiderschap.nl