Chapter 10. Editing Your Drawing with Advanced Tools


  • Using advanced copying and moving commands: MIRROR, ARRAY, OFFSET, and ALIGN

  • Using advanced resizing commands: TRIM, EXTEND, STRETCH, and LENGTHEN

  • Using construction commands: BREAK, JOIN, CHAMFER, and FILLET

  • Creating a revision cloud and a wipeout

  • Constraining objects with parameters

  • Double-clicking to edit objects

  • Editing objects with grips, the Properties palette, and the Quick Properties panel

  • Using selection filters and Quick Select

  • Creating groups of objects

This chapter completes the discussion, started in the preceding chapter, of geometric editing commands — covering the more complex commands you can use to refine the details of your drawing. These commands enable you to copy, move, resize, break, and cover objects, as well as construct corners and constrain objects using parameters. I also discuss grips, which make it easy to move, copy, mirror, rotate, scale, and stretch objects, and I explain how to use the Quick Properties panel and the Properties palette to edit objects. I end the chapter with a discussion of three ways to control the selection of objects — groups, filters, and the Quick Select feature.


Although you can use the editing tools that I describe in this chapter in a 3D environment, this chapter assumes that you are working in a 2D environment, using the default 2D Drafting & Annotation workspace. (AutoCAD LT doesn't offer a 3D environment.) To make sure that you're in a 2D environment, set the ...

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