Edit for Credit

In This Chapter

  • Moving, copying, and stretching objects
  • Manipulating whole objects
  • Changing pieces of objects
  • Editing object properties

In Chapter 10, you discover that AutoCAD has several different methods of modifying drawing objects. You also read how to select those objects in the first place so you can edit them. Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and get dirty — in this chapter, I introduce the primary edit commands in AutoCAD.

The following sections cover the most important AutoCAD editing commands, using command-first editing mode.

image As I explain in Chapter 10, command-first editing — or verb-noun editing in AutoCAD-ese — is one of three different approaches to modifying objects in AutoCAD. I concentrate on this method, where you start a command and then you pick the objects on which the command will act, because it's the only method that works for all editing commands in AutoCAD.


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