Chapter 14. Solid Modeling

Chapter Objectives

Use the 3D workspace to create solids.

Draw the following primitive solids: box, sphere, wedge, cone, cylinder, torus, pyramid, helix, polysolid, and planar surface.

Make settings to display solids smoothly.

Use SteeringWheels and ViewCube to change views of a model.

Draw extruded solids.

Draw revolved solids.

Rotate solids about the X-, Y-, or Z-axis.

Form chamfers and fillets on solid edges. Join two or more solids.

Subtract one or more solids from another solid.

Use the SOLIDEDIT command to change existing solids.

Form a solid model from the common volume of two intersecting solids.

Obtain perspective views of complex solid models.

Use Orbit and RENDER to render solids ...

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