Adding Match Lines

In CAD, adding a match line is nothing more than the simple practice of drawing a line. The same is true in Revit—only in Revit, you draw that line in Sketch Mode, and you can propagate the line to other views. Also, in Revit, after you place the line, it registers as having two sides of a model. In Chapter 14, when you drag your views onto sheets, Revit will know where each side of the model is in terms of being placed on a sheet.

The objective of the next procedure is to place a match line into the model. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Level 1 floor plan.
  2. On the Sheet Composition panel of the View tab, click the Matchline button, as shown in Figure 13.9.

    FIGURE 13.9 The Matchline button on the View tab

  3. In the Properties dialog, ...

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