Reading PowerPoint presentations

Based on our experience with PowerPoint presentations, we know a PPT file contains slides, with each slide containing details that need to be presented to the audience. This recipe will show you how to extract information from PPTX files with the python-pptx module.

Getting ready

To step through this recipe, we will need to install the python-pptx module. Let's install the module with Python pip:

chetans-MacBookPro:ch08 Chetan$ sudo pip install python-pptx Password: Downloading/unpacking python-pptx Downloading python-pptx-0.6.0.tar.gz (6.3MB): 6.3MB downloaded Running (path:/private/tmp/pip_build_root/python-pptx/ egg_info for package python-pptx Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to ...

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