Converting images

Let's begin our journey of images with simple examples. But before going on, let's build our virtual environment.

  1. We will build the virtual environment using the virtualenv command and also activate it:
    chetans-MacBookPro:~ Chetan$ cd book/ch10/
    chetans-MacBookPro:ch10 Chetan$ virtualenv ch10
    New python executable in ch10/bin/python2.7
    Also creating executable in ch10/bin/python
    Installing setuptools, pip, wheel...done.
    chetans-MacBookPro:ch10 Chetan$ source ch10/bin/activate
    (ch10)chetans-MacBookPro:ch10 Chetan$
  2. Nice! So, we now have an independent environment to work on our recipes for this chapter. For the first set of examples, we will use Python's Pillow module. Let's install this module first before going to the recipe. ...

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