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Automated UI Testing in C#

Video Description

Build a UI testing framework step-by-step

About This Video

  • Build UI automation frameworks on C# from scratch

  • Implement different automation framework types

  • Get working and consistent real-life solutions for UI automation with C#

  • In Detail

    This video is the practical step by step guide for UI test automation framework development from the scratch. This course is targeted to C#. We’ll exercise the WebDriver, Appium (for mobile applications) and SpecFlow.

    While going throughout the course you will be able to see the step-by-step test automation framework development process and how it changes the shape of tests.

    At the end you will have a vision of what framework is, how it looks like and what items should be initially covered at the early beginning of test automation development. Also, you will learn typical solutions for the most common problems with different UI automation solutions