Avid Liquid 7 for Windows: Visual QuickPro Guide

Book description

Need to master Avid Liquid 7 fast? Try a Visual QuickPro!

This best-selling reference’s visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have you up and running with this popular editing software in no time. In this completely updated edition of our best-selling guide to Avid Liquid (formerly known as Pinnacle Liquid), leading Avid evangelist and filmmaking consultant Paul Ekert uses crystal-clear instructions and friendly prose to introduce you everything that’s new in Avid Liquid 7. Filled with step-by-step, task-based instructions and loads of visual aids, this book explains how to effectively use Avid Liquid 7 to streamline your workflow; enhance your creativity; use primary functions such as Timeline, FX, Titles, Audio, DVD creation; and more. Along the way, you'll find extensive coverage of all the program's new features: SmartSound (enables you to quickly create soundtracks from a library of samples); Real-time Time Warp (see your slow-mo without rendering); 50 new special effects; dozens of style and compositing effects taken from Commotion; and more!

•    Takes a visual, task-based approach to guiding you through advanced topics and applying what you learn
•    Works like a reference book—you look up what you need and then get straight to work
•    Concise, straightforward steps and explanations offer the fastest way to learn tasks and concepts

Product information

  • Title: Avid Liquid 7 for Windows: Visual QuickPro Guide
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2005
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321369475