AWS Architect Associate Certification Exam Prep—Design Fundamentals

Video description

Since Amazon developed the concept of cloud computing and introduced Amazon Web Services (AWS), the IT industry has undergone a fundamental paradigm shift. Organizations of all sizes and spanning every industry sector are either engaged in moving all or part of their compute and storage needs to the cloud, or it’s in their sights to do so. AWS is by far the biggest player in this rapidly growing field, and there’s no better way to demonstrate your knowledge of the AWS environment than by gaining certification through the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (CSAA) exam.

In this video course, designed for system administrators, developers, and even students training for management positions and looking to make the move to the AWS cloud, host Mark Wilkins prepares you to successfully and confidently answer the types of questions asked on the CSAA exam. You’ll learn best practices for designing cloud solutions on the AWS platform. You’ll also examine concepts and design scenarios from The AWS Well-Architected Framework—an essential aspect of the CSAA exam. This video course even provides sample test questions that you can use to hone your newfound design knowledge. The design principles presented in this video course align with the CSAA exam. When you’ve finished, you’ll know how to design for scale, reliability, and high availability using the core AWS components of computing, storage, networking, and monitoring, and be ready to achieve your CSAA certification.

What you’ll learn—and how you can apply it

  • Be prepared for the questions asked on the CSAA exam
  • Master best practices for designing cloud solutions at AWS
  • Understand the concepts encompassed by the The AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Understand the concepts underpinning regions and Availability Zones
  • How to work with subnets, security groups, and storage strategies
  • Configure monitoring using Amazon CloudWatch
  • Solve single points of failure issues
  • Design effective solutions using compute, storage, networking, and key managed services offered in AWS cloud, and much more

This video course is for you because…

  • Your company is planning on, or is in the process of moving to the AWS cloud, and you need to prepare your staff or yourself to take the CSAA certification exam
  • You’re looking to add the CSAA certification to your skill set and resume
  • You’re a system administrator moving to AWS and you want to refine your knowledge of The AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • You’re a cloud architect responsible for AWS design
  • You’re an IT professional who needs to develop AWS technical knowledge and skills


  • You should complete the video courses for core and managed services before this video course
  • Having a technical background in networking, system administration, and working with virtualized resources would be beneficial and make the concepts presented in this video course easier for you to understand

Materials or downloads needed in advance: None

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Module 1: Well-Architected Framework
    1. Module Introduction
    2. AWS Design Principles
    3. Well-Architected Framework Design Pillars
    4. Demo: Well-Architected Tool
    5. Module Summary
  3. Module 2: Designing with Regions
    1. Module Introduction
    2. Regions
    3. Regions and AZs
    4. AZs
    5. AZs in Operation
    6. VPCs Have Multiple AZs
    7. Region and AZ Sketch
    8. Best Practices for Choosing Availability Zones
    9. Edge Locations
    10. Design Project
    11. Module Summary
  4. Module 3: Virtual Private Cloud Design
    1. Module Introduction
    2. VPC Functional Design
    3. VPC Components
    4. VPC Design
    5. Designing with Multiple VPCs
    6. Design Based On Requirements
    7. Multiple VPCs Use Case
    8. VPC Reality Check
    9. Sharing VPC Resources
    10. Sharing VPC Resources With RAM
    11. Best Practices for Hosting Applications in a VPC
    12. Creating Subnets Best Practices
    13. VPC Design Best Practices
    14. Subnet Components Sketch
    15. Design Project
    16. Module Summary
  5. Module 4:Designing with EC2 Instances
    1. Module Introduction
    2. EC2 Instances
    3. EC2 Pricing
    4. Demo: EC2 Configuration
    5. EC2 Components Sketch
    6. EC2 Deployment Best Practices
    7. Design Project
    8. Security Groups
    9. Security Group Flowchart
    10. Security Groups Best Practice
    11. Best Practices for Deploying Security Groups
    12. Security Groups Sketch
    13. Module Summary
  6. Module 5: Designing Resources That Scale
    1. Module Introduction
    2. Load Balancing Choices
    3. ELB Best Practices
    4. ELB Cheat Sheet
    5. Auto Scaling with Multi-AZ
    6. Auto Scaling with CloudWatch Alarms
    7. CloudWatch Operation
    8. CloudWatch Best Practices
    9. Auto Scaling Best Practices
    10. Design Project
    11. Auto Scale Sketch
    12. Regional Load Balancing with Route 53
    13. Module Summary
  7. Module 6:Database Design
    1. Module Introduction
    2. Understanding Durability
    3. Database Options
    4. Database Scalability
    5. RDS Best Practices
    6. RDS Options Sketch
    7. Module Summary
  8. Module 7: Designing with Storage
    1. Module Introduction
    2. EBS Workflow
    3. EBS Storage Best Practices
    4. S3 Storage Best Practices
    5. Module Summary
    6. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: AWS Architect Associate Certification Exam Prep—Design Fundamentals
  • Author(s): Mark R. Wilkins
  • Release date: February 2020
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0636920330905