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AWS Certified Solutions Architect –Associate Tutorial - Step 2: Start developing with EC2, S3 and ELB

Video Description

Get comfortable with designing and building scalable AWS applications by leveraging S3, ELB, and EC2

About This Video

  • Learn how to use S3 to store and manage your objects, in conjunction with Cloud front for low latency distribution
  • Build an elastically scalable application with EC2, ELB, and autoscaling
  • Understand how to effectively monitor and troubleshoot applications


This course will show you what you need to know to be comfortable using the Simple Storage Service (S3), the Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Cloudfront and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

What you will learn

  • How to use EC2 and ELB , security and scaling
  • How to use S3 to store and manage your objects
  • Other storage options on AWS and when to use them
  • Introduction to Cloudfront
  • Introduction to monitoring
  • How to troubleshoot VPCs, EC2s, ELBs

Who should take this course

Architects and application developers looking to start architecting or developing applications on Amazon Web Services. Individuals and professionals appearing or preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2017 exam will greatly benefit from this course.

About the author

Colibri Ltd. is a technology consultancy company founded in 2015 by James Cross and Ingrid Funie. The company works to help their clients navigate the rapidly changing and complex world of emerging technologies, with deep expertise in areas such as Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing.

Over the past few years, they have worked with some of the world's largest and most prestigious companies, including a tier 1 investment bank, a leading management consultancy group, and one of the world's most popular soft drinks companies, helping each of them to better make sense of their data and process it in more intelligent ways.

The company lives by their moto: Data -> Intelligence -> Action.

Our author, Raluca Bolovan is a DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and AWS Certified Developer.

She graduated with a first class honours MEng degree in Computing (Software Engineering) from Imperial College London. She worked in Investment Banking for three years with technologies such as Python, Java, and Spring. She then moved into the FinTech industry and has written microservices running on Docker on AWS.

Raluca has several years of experience architecting and implementing new solutions on the AWS platform. She has built, among others, a serverless ETL and data warehousing solution using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Redshift, and S3 as the principal components.

She is also interested in new technologies. She has spent most of her career working in many aspects of technology roles, ranging from front-end development with JavaScript and Django to back-end with microservices in Java 8 and Postgres, and more recently DevOps on AWS. If that technology could be the solution for the task at hand, she will definitely try it.

About Packt Video

Packt Video publishes friendly, practical video tutorials, packed with practical skills, concepts and guidance to help you succeed with new technologies and tasks. Packt Video’s series include Learn, Hands-On, Mastering, In 7 Days, Troubleshooting, and more. Our courses cover web and software development, security and ethical hacking, data science, and other key tech topics. We exist to make cutting-edge topics accessible for all.

GitHub Link

The code bundle for this video course is available at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/AWS-Certified-Solutions-Architect-Associate-Tutorial---Step-2-/blob/master/README.md