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AWS MasterClass: Networking And Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Video Description

Learn about the core networking components of AWS cloud and understand the inner working of AWS

About This Video

  • This course teaches you how to build, configure and manage your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • The course will start with basics of Virtual Private cloud and then move deeper into details about AWS VPC like:- What exactly is AWS VPC and what are its uses; what are the different types of VPCs supported by AWS; how to build your own Virtual Private Cloud; what are the various components of the AWS VPC; what are subnets, gateways, route tables, internet gateways, and so on;-what are the security mechanisms in the context of AWS VPC.
  • If you are serious about understanding your AWS based cloud infrastructure, then gaining this knowledge about the AWS networking components in conjunction with other tools and frameworks is the only way to go.
  • You will be able to design, architecture, and operationalize your cloud application with more efficiency and confidence.

In Detail

Cloud computing is growing at an astounding pace and Amazon web services are at the forefront of this technological revolution. They were the first one to launch a publicly available cloud infrastructure and ever since Amazon has been a clear market leader in this space. AWS does provide a very robust and mature network management infrastructure which is ever pervasive in all aspects of the AWS infrastructure. Indeed, it is not necessary to understand the intricate details of these networking details. AWS hides most of these complexities very well. You can simply log in to your AWS management console and start using AWS services. AWS will deploy all the necessary networking components for you in the background automatically. To isolate the cloud environment for each of its users, AWS uses a powerful concept called AWS VPC which stands for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. It is a virtual private network that enables us to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that we've defined. It is one of the core components of networking infrastructure within the AWS cloud, which allows us to setup our cloud resources security and privately (isolated from all other AWS cloud users).

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Welcome and Introduction
    1. Welcome and introduction 00:02:42
    2. Prepare for the course 00:02:10
    3. Course overview 00:05:02
    4. About us 00:03:35
    5. About you 00:01:54
    6. Get ready for AWS VPC 00:01:15
  2. Chapter 2 : Introduction to AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    1. Introduction to AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 00:10:06
    2. AWS VPC components 00:09:27
    3. AWS VPC components (contd.) 00:09:27
    4. AWS VPC components (contd.) 00:02:09
    5. AWS Subnets 00:08:30
    6. AWS Security Groups 00:03:41
  3. Chapter 3 : Default vs. Non-Default AWS VPC
    1. Quick check in 00:02:13
    2. Default vs. Non-default AWS VPC 00:08:46
    3. Default vs. Non-default AWS VPC (contd.) 00:09:06
    4. Auto assign IP address 00:08:43
    5. Routing Tables and Security Groups 00:09:03
    6. Network Access Control Lists (NACLs) 00:02:15
  4. Chapter 4 : Deep Dive - AWS Subnets
    1. AWS Subnets 00:07:51
    2. Deploy AWS Subnets 00:09:04
    3. Setup AWS Subnets 00:11:44
  5. Chapter 5 : NAT in AWS VPC
    1. NAT in AWS VPC 00:08:54
    2. Setup NAT EC2 instance 00:10:21
    3. Configure NAT EC2 instance 00:07:28
    4. Configure NAT Gateway 00:08:15
    5. VPC Wizard 00:07:27
  6. Chapter 6 : VPC Peering
    1. VPC Peering 00:06:53
    2. Configure VPC Peering 00:10:31
    3. Clean up 00:05:26
  7. Chapter 7 : Setup VPN in AWS with OpenSwan
    1. Setup VPN in AWS with OpenSwan 00:09:50
    2. Deploy VPCs 00:09:10
    3. Deploy EC2 instances 00:09:02
    4. Configure OpenSwan 00:10:45
    5. OpenSwan configuration files 00:09:08
    6. stablish OpenSwan tunnel 00:07:48
  8. Chapter 8 : Setup VPN in AWS with OpenVPN
    1. VPC connectivity using OpenVPN 00:07:52
    2. Deploy VPCs 00:02:27
    3. Deploy Internet Gateways 00:07:11
    4. Establish OpenVPN tunnel 00:03:31
  9. Chapter 9 : AWS VPC with AWS CLI and AWS CFT
    1. Deploy AWS VPC with AWS CLI 00:11:44
    2. Deploy AWS with AWS CFT 00:10:39
  10. Chapter 10 : Introduction to AWS
    1. Introduction to AWS 00:07:58
    2. Benefits of AWS 00:06:40
    3. Who is using AWS? 00:05:59
    4. AWS services 00:03:48
    5. AWS services (contd.) 00:06:57
    6. AWS - the leading cloud provider 00:06:06
  11. Chapter 11 : Conclusion
    1. Thank you! 00:03:52