AWS MasterClass: Storage & CDN - AWS S3 & AWS CloudFront

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Learn skills with rising demand. Storage and CDN services in Amazon cloud - AWS S3, EBS, EFS, CloudFront

About This Video

  • Comprehend the AWS architecture and implement its services
  • Distinguish the different AWS storage services, and use them competently for your business needs
  • Utilize S3 and its capabilities to host a static website, and configure and upload files in any format
  • Use EBS as a persistent storage mechanism for your EC2 instances, with its capabilities like—flexibility and scalability, and
  • Employ the CloudFront CDN to update, monitor and deliver selective content across the world, based on your requirements.

In Detail

In this course, we will focus on implementing DevOps practices in the cloud using an aggregation of very potent tools and services. We will learn about AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeDeploy and tie it all together with Jenkins. AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy are DevOps focused services offered by Amazon Web Services. This combination of toolsets provides end-to-end capabilities of fully automating your source code builds, testing, and deployment. Implementing these tools and DevOps practices can help us immensely in reducing the risk within our software development lifecycle by catching bugs early and increasing the quality of our software products. This, in turn, reduces the overall cost of developing innovative software in any environment - startups and enterprise alike. When any startup or technology company is looking to implement DevOps practices to automate their infrastructure they are willing to pay handsomely for DevOps engineers and consultants to help them manage their infrastructure. Wouldn’t you want to acquire these skills and be a part of this cloud computing revolution? Be highly sought after and take your career to the next level? Imagine getting that promotion in your current role. Imagine getting chased by recruiters looking for the skilled and experienced engineers that companies are desperately seeking to hire. Imagine getting a massive bump in your income as a result of your newly acquired in-demand skills. That's what we want for you, and we know it's what you want for yourself, so grab your copy of DevOps with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy now and let's get you started today!

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Welcome and Introduction
    1. Welcome and Introduction 00:01:44
    2. Course overview 00:02:05
    3. About us 00:02:52
    4. About you the learner 00:01:44
    5. Get ready for AWS storage services 00:00:50
  2. Chapter 2 : Introduction to AWS Storage Services
    1. Introduction to AWS storage services 00:02:01
    2. The AWS storage service landscape 00:03:38
    3. Introduction to AWS S3 00:05:28
    4. Introduction to AWS EBS 00:03:12
    5. Introduction to AWS Glacier 00:02:53
    6. Introduction to AWS EFS 00:06:14
    7. Introduction to AWS CloudFront 00:08:37
  3. Chapter 3 : AWS S3 - AWS Object Storage Service
    1. Quick checkin 00:01:19
    2. Get ready for AWS S3 00:01:58
    3. Get started with AWS S3 00:04:33
    4. Setup and configure AWS S3 bucket 00:09:32
    5. Using AWS S3 00:04:51
  4. Chapter 4 : AWS EBS - AWS Block Storage Service
    1. Get ready for AWS EBS 00:01:50
    2. Provision AWS EC2 instances 00:08:21
    3. Mount EBS volumes on AWS EC2 instances 00:11:10
    4. fstab command 00:04:57
  5. Chapter 5 : AWS CloudFront - AWS CDN Service
    1. Get ready for AWS CloudFront 00:01:39
    2. Create AWS CloudFront distribution 00:06:34
    3. Configure AWS CloudFront distribution 00:09:51
    4. Configure AWS CloudFront distribution # 2 00:07:59
    5. Finalize AWS CloudFront distribution 00:02:41
  6. Chapter 6 : Validating AWS CloudFront Setup
    1. Prepare for validating AWS CloudFront setup 00:01:22
    2. Prepare AWS CloudFront distribution 00:08:20
    3. Deploy AWS EC2 instances 00:04:10
    4. Validate AWS CloudFront setup 00:09:36
  7. Chapter 7 : Introduction to AWS
    1. Introduction to AWS 00:07:58
    2. Benefits of AWS cloud 00:06:40
    3. Who is using AWS? and Why? 00:05:59
    4. Services provided by AWS 00:03:48
    5. Services provided by AWS # 2 00:06:57
    6. AWS - a leading cloud platform 00:06:06

Product information

  • Title: AWS MasterClass: Storage & CDN - AWS S3 & AWS CloudFront
  • Author(s): Manuj Aggarwal, TetraTutorials Team
  • Release date: January 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788992930