Using 3ds Max to export scenes

As for Blender, you'll find the 3ds Max plugin (written in C#) in the Babylon.js GitHub repository at Exporters/3Ds Max/Max2Babylon*.zip, where * is the exporter's version. In the archive, you'll find two folders: 2013 and 2015, that are the currently supported versions of 3ds Max for the Max2Babylon exporter.

3ds Max is another tool used by 3D artists to create 3D scenes, such as Blender. 3ds Max is the most famous 3D modeler as it is used for many professional 3D video games and known by all 3D artists.

Installing the Babylon.js exporter for 3ds Max

Once you identify the proper version to use (2013 or 2015), just copy/paste the binaries in the bin/assemblies folder and start 3ds Max (typically located at C:\Program ...

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