Back-End Web Development using Go

Video Description

Harness the power of Go for effective back-end web development

About This Video

  • A rich set of topics are covered in the course, including server side template rendering, managing HTTP requests and responses, data persistence, authentication/session management, and asynchronous queues

  • Every concept presented comes with a working, hands-on, code example to re-enforce your ability to master the concept

  • A step by step guide, with clear and easy to understand examples, that will provide you with an in-depth knowledge on building robust back-end web applications in Go

  • In Detail

    Go is one of the most powerful, efficient, and highly performant programming languages. Go has seen an increased rate of adoption mainly because it is lightweight, easy to use, and displays great robustness when performing in a variety of domains. Go is a modern language, created by a team of researchers from Google, that is an ideal choice for back-end web development.

    In this video course, we will cover back-end web development using Go. We start off by covering essential concepts which include web templates, the model view controller pattern, managing requests and responses, and building web forms. We also show you how to create real-world solutions such as uploading image/video files, implementing a datastore for a variety of databases (relational, document, and in-memory), creating secure cookies, implementing authentication middleware, and implementing an asynchronous task queue to perform long-running tasks in the background.

    In addition to getting you up to speed with back-end web development practices, this video course will also provide you with helpful advice and techniques that will guide you on your way to becoming a successful Go programmer.

    Product Information

    • Title: Back-End Web Development using Go
    • Author(s): Kamesh Balasubramanian
    • Release date: July 2017
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781788392761