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Appendix B. Troubleshooting
In this appendix, we will have a look at common problems and how they can
be resolved. We give a list of the most interesting logfiles and techniques to
determine the source of the problem.
A useful thing to do when troubleshooting a problem is to start a TSM
administrative client in console mode. This will allow you to see the activity
that is occurring on the TSM server. Among other things you will see node
sessions start and stop and any TSM server error messages.
The administrative client console can be started with the
dsmadmc -cons
command. See the following example where we monitor how the TSM client
BRAZIL_ORACLE connects and disconnects from the TSM server.
B.1 Gotchas
One of the most common problems is that the TSM API client is not able to
connect to the TSM server.
B.1.1 RC 406 options file not found
If you receive a return code of 406, it means that the client options file
dsm.opt cannot be found. Here is an example of the error:
$ dsmadmc -cons
Tivoli Storage Manager
Command Line Administrative Interface - Version 4, Release 1, Level 2.0
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation, 1990, 1999, All Rights Reserved.
Enter your user id: admin
Enter your password:
Session established with server BRAZIL: AIX-RS/6000
Server Version 4, Release 1, Level 2.0
Server date/time: 04/02/01 17:02:02 Last access: 04/02/01 17:01:01
ANR0406I Session 9114 started for node BRAZIL_ORACLE (Tcp/Ip
ANR0403I Session 9114 ended for node BRAZIL_ORACLE .
db2 => backup db sample user db2admin using itsosj use tsm
SQL2062N An error occurred while accessing media
"C:\PROGRA~1\SQLLIB\bin\db2tadsm.dll". Reason code: "406"

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