14A Pill for Every Ill


“Hi, is this Joshua M. Brown?”

“Yes, this is Josh. Who’s this?”

“Josh, my name is Keith,* and I work in the sales and marketing department for ProShares. I’m calling because of a few articles you’ve written about some of our products.”

“I don’t write articles, Keith. I’m a blogger, and I write blog posts. But do go on.”

“Fine, blog posts. Look, we don’t think you’re being fair when you say that our inverse ETFs are ‘poisonous’ and that the ProShares UltraShort Financials ETF is ‘for crack-heads only.’ You can’t call our SKF fund a crackhead, Josh.”

“I hear ya, but SKF is a crackhead fund. It was built for crackheads and is traded primarily by crackheads. Dude, you built a leveraged fund that gives people two times ...

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