Balance Sheet Basics

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Maybe you're a budding entrepreneur, somebody with a great idea you'd like to turn into a business. Or maybe you're that super coder who has just been named to lead a division. Either way, you're now someone who needs to know how to read a balance sheet to keep your business or your career on track.

In this course, Ken Boyd doesn't just decipher balance sheet terms, he teaches you the meaning behind them. Concepts such as retained earnings, operating income, and net income are demystified and become useful tools for making decisions.

  • Master the basics of reading a balance sheet and how it's used to make business decisions
  • Understand asset account terms, liability account terms, and equity account terms
  • Learn why balance sheets connect to income statements and cash flow statements
  • Explore why the way you raise capital dramatically impacts business results
  • See why net income produced by a business can be very different from the rate of cash inflows
  • Review the ways assets can be valued to increase earnings and improve your balance sheet
  • Discover why short term liquidity needs must be balanced against long term solvency needs
Ken Boyd has over 30 years of experience helping companies create budgets, make decisions about long-term financing and evaluate how to raise capital. Ken is a former Adjunct Professor at St. Louis University. He creates books, podcasts, blogs, articles and speaking services on accounting and finance. He is author of the O'Reilly title Understanding an Income Statement as well as the titles Cost Accounting for Dummies, The CPA Exam for Dummies, and 1,001 Accounting Questions for Dummies.

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  • Title: Balance Sheet Basics
  • Author(s): Ken Boyd
  • Release date: June 2016
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771375856