Chapter 4. Putting Your Balanced Scorecard into Action

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Launching your Balanced Scorecard

  • Making sure your scorecard passes the test of time

  • Spreading the word of scorecard throughout your business


As you know with any change or improvement, sustaining power is the key. So is it the same for scorecards. In this chapter, we will talk about when to put your scorecard into action, and how to ensure it sustains, in order to best support your initiatives toward competitive advantage.

Deciding When to Launch Your Balanced Scorecard

After much hard work and preparation, it’s finally time to launch your scorecard! The key people are in place, metrics are selected and allocated to the appropriate leg, and measurement systems are working to sustain the scorecard. But wait: there are two things that must first be in place when you launch your scorecard.

The Scorecard passed the pilot, and everyone knows it!

The pilot is where you prove the value, worth, and effectiveness of your scorecard. By implementing your scorecard in a controlled pilot environment, you can seen how it works, adjust as you go, and ensure that the goals and objectives are successfully met — and perhaps even exceeded.

When your scorecard passes the pilot, be sure to share the success with everyone, every day, at every level — whenever you get the chance. You want word to spread about the success of the pilot, and about how getting workers involved with the development and implementation ...

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