Chapter 19. Ten Tips for Overcoming Barriers

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  • Harnessing the power of influence

  • Celebrating success

  • Taking advantage of open communication

  • Establishing a positive structure for Balanced Scorecard


Successful companies have to work hard, over several years, to sew Balanced Scorecards into the DNA of everyday company life. Many obstacles and barriers have to be overcome, and a number of folks need to be convinced. Your organization can benefit from the lessons learned by the many organizations that have successfully and unsuccessfully developed and implemented Balanced Scorecards and dashboards. In this chapter, we review ten key tips for overcoming barriers when implementing Balanced Scorecards, based on these lessons learned.

Empower Your Employees

Employees are the process experts for their jobs, so they have the best insight as to how to do the jobs better, faster, and cheaper. However, many companies limit their employees’ roles in planning and improving the work processes in which they perform. You can spot these companies if you look way behind organizations that empower employees to take an active role in such improvements.

We’re taking a wild guess here that you want to be the surpasser and not the surpassee, so, follow these guidelines to empower your employees in the job-improvement process:

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