A. Short Answer Type Questions

  1. Define Ohm’s law and state if there are any conditions.
  2. Explain the concept of voltage and current source transformation with an example.
  3. Give the concept of current, voltage, and resistance.
  4. State the factors on which resistance of a wire depends. What is meant by resistivity of a conducting material?
  5. Explain why silver is more conducting than copper.
  6. Draw the V–I characteristics of a variable resistor whose value of resistance has been fixed at 5Ω, 8Ω, and 10Ω.
  7. Explain the effect of change of temperature on the resistance of most of the conducting materials.
  8. What is meant by superconducting materials?
  9. Prove that Rt = R0(1 + α0t) for a conducting material where Rt is the resistance at t°C, ...

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