1.8 Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions

  • Multiplying Monomials • Products of Monomials and Polynomials • Powers of Polynomials

To find the product of two or more monomials, we multiply the numerical coefficients to find the numerical coefficient of the product, and multiply the literal numbers, remembering that the exponents may be combined only if the base is the same.

EXAMPLE 1 Multiplying monomials

  1. An equation explains the multiplication of numerical coefficients and addition of exponents. For the expression 3 c to the fifth power left parenthesis negative 4 c squared right parenthesis equals negative 12 c to the seventh power.

  2. An equation explains the addition of exponents of same base.
  3. 2xy( − 6cx2)(3xcy2) =  − 36c2x4y3


[If a product contains a monomial that is raised to a power, we must ...

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