9.5 Oblique Triangles, the Law of Sines

  • Oblique Triangles • Law of Sines • Case 1: Two Angles and One Side • Case 2: Two Sides and the Angle Opposite One of Them • Ambiguous Case

To this point, we have limited our study of triangle solution to right triangles. However, many triangles that require solution do not contain a right angle. Such triangles are called oblique triangles. We now discuss solutions of oblique triangles.

In Section 4.4, we stated that we need to know three parts, at least one of them a side, to solve a triangle. There are four possible such combinations of parts, and these combinations are as follows:

  • Case 1. Two angles and one side

  • Case 2. Two sides and the angle opposite one of them

  • Case 3. Two sides and the included ...

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