Basics of Branding

Book description

Smart branding is essential for success, yet it is often misunderstood. Developing a brand that is relevant, distinct, and emotionally compelling can be very dif_ cult for many managers, mainly because they don’t realize exactly what and how much goes into this branding process. This book will explain this process. In an easy-to-understand writing style, Gronlund will show you the fundamentals that will help develop a value proposition that will excite customers. Branding is all about creating a message or an impression that makes an impact and creates a rational and emotional connection with a customer. Forming a bond of trust and comfort will build brand equity (i.e., how people value your brand) and customer loyalty. We are living in a dynamic, transformative global economy with mind-boggling advances in technology. Managers today can easily become preoccupied with social media vehicles and the innovative features of electronic devices, and hence neglect the importance of the content or the message. Adhering to the core elements of positioning and branding will help them develop more emotionally rich and powerful content. And B2B managers will better understand and discover the real value of good branding, so that their marketing and sales communications will go beyond product features and emphasize relevant benefits that will strengthen their relationships with targeted customers.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyrights
  5. Contents
  6. Preface
  7. Chapter 1 What Is Branding Really About?
    1. A Classic, Ubiquitous Misunderstanding of “Branding”
    2. So What Really Is “Branding”?
    3. Summary
  8. Chapter 2 The Positioning Statement, Emotions, and Brand Equity
    1. A Simple Tool, but a Must for Branding
    2. The Emotional Side of Branding
    3. The Ultimate: Brand Equity
  9. Chapter 3 Branding Applications
    1. Corporate Branding
    2. Employer Branding
    3. Personal Branding
    4. Global Branding
    5. Country Branding
  10. Chapter 4 Building Strong Brands
    1. A Market-Driven Success
    2. Market Research for Brand Development—The Basics
    3. Innovation and Idea Generation for Brand Building
    4. Brand Names, Logos, Symbols, and Taglines
    5. Growth from Brand/Line Extensions
  11. Chapter 5 Branding in the B2B World—New Opportunities
    1. 1. Building Strong Customer Loyalty
    2. 2. A More Compelling Value Proposition
    3. 3. How Value Pricing Can Prevent Perceptions of “Commoditization”
    4. 4. Marketing and Sales Alignment—Breaking Down Silos
    5. 5. Why Emotion Is Critical for B2B Brand Marketing
  12. Chapter 6 Marketing Today: Branding for Digital Marketing and Social Media
    1. Transformative Shifts in the Marketplace, Consumer Tastes and Media
    2. How the Internet Has Changed the Way Consumers Buy
    3. The Rise of “Content Marketing”
    4. Importance of Integrated Marketing
    5. How the Role of “Marketing” Is Changing in Corporations
    6. Impact on Branding
    7. Five Issues to Determine Whether/How to Market Your Brand in Social Media
    8. Conclusion: 20 Key Principles for Developing Strong Brands
  13. Notes
  14. References
  15. Index
  16. Ad Page
  17. Back Cover

Product information

  • Title: Basics of Branding
  • Author(s): Jay Gronlund
  • Release date: August 2013
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781606495933