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Basics of Polymers

Book Description

Basics of Polymers: Fabrication and Processing Technology constitutes one of the most important aspects of polymer science and technology. The performance of polymers is evolving into the most rapidly increasing volume of production. Polymers are an important commodity in the modern lifestyle. They are undoubtedly superior materials in terms of their costs, processability, and functional properties. The fabrication and processing technology are showing higher growth than that of the number of polymer grades in the market. This book is a noteworthy text in the increasingly important field of plastics processing and should be of great interest, particularly to those in processing. It is a practical handbook, intended for students, engineers, and those involved in plastics processing. Education and training of personnel are of para- mount importance throughout the book which brings to light a whole host of career opportunities not usually considered for engineers and processors. This book is particularly valuable to all processors/educators as a resource that answers frequently asked questions.